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HEADS UP: The Missouri River is expected to flood next week

Heavy rain to our north has led to increased flood concerns next week
Posted at 12:46 PM, Jun 21, 2024

Overnight, several rounds of heavy rain moved from northern Nebraska into southern Minnesota. The hardest impacted areas were in southeast South Dakota where upwards of 8" fell overnight, leading to significant flooding south of Sioux Falls. Over the next few days, more rounds of rain are expected which would only add to the flooding levels.

Siouxland Flooding.PNG
The brighter colors is where 4-8" of rain fell overnight. This water is expected to runoff into the Missouri River and cause flooding downstream.

All this water has to flow somewhere, and it will flow into the Missouri River. Because of this, the Missouri River is expected to flood downstream into Nebraska and Iowa. Due to this, the National Weather Service has issued a flood watch from Sioux City to St. Joseph MO for the expected flooding next week. This flood watch takes effect on Monday, although many spots are not expected to crest into midweek next week. Here is the latest on what is expected to happen next week along the various river gauges.

Flood Watch.PNG
The flood watch (green) along the Missouri River. The cities listed is where the river gauge sites are located.

Right now, many spots are below flood level. However, the river is expected to rise at least 10' in many spots, which will make it into the flood stage at all the river gauge sites. The exact impacts of the flooding will depend on the crest, which is unknown at this time. We will get more clear details this weekend. Below are the current river levels and the flood stage. If you live in a flood-prone area along the Missouri River, you should begin making flood preparations.

Current River Level: 24.31'
Flood Stage: 35'
Onset Time: Monday night

Current River Level: 19.41'
Flood Stage: 26.5'
Onset Time: Monday afternoon

Current River Level: 20.13'
Flood Stage: 27'
Onset Time: Monday afternoon

Current River Level: 20.48'
Flood Stage: 26'
Onset Time: Tuesday morning

Current River Level: 14.63'
Flood Stage: 18'
Onset Time: Monday morning

Current River Level: 30.64'
Flood Stage: 34'
Onset Time: Monday afternoon

Current River Level: 13.93'
Flood Stage: 17'
Onset Time: Tuesday morning