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Is Summer Already About To End?

A look at when the high heat normally ends.
Posted at 8:49 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 21:49:26-04

Here in Omaha, we have made it through what is typically the hottest part of the year. Our daily average high temperature has slowly fallen to 85 degrees and even cooler weather is in our near future. Early next week, temperatures will fall below average. One (confused) computer forecast even thinks we could see a high of 71 to start next week, but we don't think we'll be quite that cool.

Either way, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is also picking up on the cooler weather moving in during the last full week of August. In its recent temperatures outlook for August 21 through 25, it highlights the likelihood for below average temperatures across the Midwest.

Don't worry fellow lovers of summer heat, this far from guarantees an end to hot weather!! 

On average, Omaha sees its last day of 90 degrees or more on September 12, which is still about a month away. The latest date a 90 was recorded in Omaha was on October 29, which happened in 1937. Records kept by the National Weather Service for Omaha date back to the 1870s.

Believe it or not, we've even see triple digit heat this late in the year. That has happened as late as September 28! While Omaha has gotten away without triple digits many summers, when it does, the average last date is August 8.

So while pumpkin spice flavored everything starts to roll out, just know there is still plenty of time for more hot weather. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! 

-Meteorologist Mark Stitz-