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Saturday's severe weather brought 6 tornadoes to eastern Nebraska

Total number of tornadoes for 2024 is over 70
Madison Damage.jpg
Posted at 3:20 PM, Jun 19, 2024

On Saturday, June 15, yet another round of severe weather crossed eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. While for the most part, the storms missed Omaha, northeast Nebraska, southeast Nebraska, and Iowa saw some impacts. Outside of the large hail, damaging winds, and flooding, several tornadoes were confirmed from these storms. Most were confined to northeast Nebraska, but one tornado occurred in southeast Nebraska.

NE Nebraska Tornadoes.PNG
The tornadoes from Madison and Stanton Counties in northeast Nebraska.

Total: 6
EF-U: 2
EF-0: 2
EF-1: 2

Rating: EF-1
County: Madison
Wind Speed: 100 mph
Path Length: 0.73 miles
Tornado Width: 300 yards
Time: 5:42 - 5:53 pm
Overview: This tornado occurred in western Madison County between Meadow Grove and Newman Grove. The tornado was slow-moving near 538th Avenue between 834 and 835th Road. The tornado hit a farmstead along 538 Avenue. A machine shed was destroyed with farming equipment thrown 100 yards away, and combines damaged. A cattle shed was also destroyed. The tornado snapped 3 power poles as it crossed 538 Avenue and lifted in the field across the road.

Rating: EF-UNK
County: Madison
Time: 6:14 pm
Overview: Multiple storm chasers documented a brief tornado in an open field in southwest Madison County. The tornado did no visible damage.

Madison County Tornadoes.PNG
Tornadoes (the green line is the EF-1 and the red X is the EF-U) in Madison County, Nebraska.

Rating: EF-0
County: Stanton
Wind Speed: 84 mph
Path Length: 423 feet
Tornado Width: 20 yards
Time: 6:37 pm
Overview: A brief tornado struck a home at the intersection of 568 Avenue and 845 Road in far northern Stanton County. The home had its windows blown out and some tree damage on the property. No other damage occurred with this tornado.

Rating: EF-0
Counties: Stanton, Cuming
Wind Speed: 70 mph
Path Length: 2.26 miles
Tornado Width: 25 yards
Time: 6:56 - 6:58 pm
Overview: A small tornado was documented by eyewitnesses north of Pilger. The tornado developed just north of US-275 and west of Highway 15. The tornado hit a feedlot, producing minor damage to a sun-shade. The tornado did no more damage as it crossed Highway 15 into northwest Cuming County, but storm chasers documented it. It lifted in a field just east of the highway near V road.

Stanton County Tornadoes.PNG
The two EF-0 tornadoes in northern Stanton County.

Rating: EF-1
County: Stanton
Wind Speed: 101 mph
Path Length: 2.10 miles
Tornado Width: 50 yards
Time: 7:06 - 7:12 pm
Overview: The strongest tornado in the event began north of Clarkson near 570 Avenue and 827th Road. This narrow tornado caused some ground scouring in open fields before striking a machine shed on a farm at 571st Avenue and 827th Road. The tornado was so narrow that the damage was done to the machine shed, but the nearby home and other buildings sustained no damage. The tornado crossed 827th Road and lifted after crossing 572 Avenue. Based on videos, the tornado was perhaps stronger over an open field, but since no damage was done it received an EF-1 rating.

Clarkson Tornado.PNG
Track of the tornado north of Clarkson in Stanton County.

Rating: EF-UNK
County: Johnson
Time: 7:07 pm
Overview: The only tornado to come from the second line of storms. This tornado was seen by multiple residents southeast of Tecumseh, but no damage was done by this tornado. To the northwest, east of St. Mary, a microburst with winds over 100 mph caused substantial damage to several buildings.

Johnson County Tornadoes.PNG
Path of the EF-U tornado and associated microburst in Johnson County, Nebraska.

With the 6 tornadoes confirmed on Saturday, this brings the total number of tornadoes in the KMTV viewing area to 73, the most of any year by far.