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March 2024 Omaha weather recap

Plus, a look ahead into April
Posted at 10:44 PM, Apr 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-01 23:44:30-04

After one of our warmest February's on record, March brought us back to some seasonal norms for the month. There were some warm days, there were some cooler days, and there were some wet days. Here is a breakdown on how March 2024 looked for Omaha.

Almanac Calendar w Rain.png
High temperatures in Omaha for March 2024.

Overall, March was a warmer month than average, but not by a lot. High temperatures ranged from the 30s to the 70s. We did not hit 80 degrees, which continues the streak of an 80 degree-less March that began in 2018. Low temperatures were also cool, the coldest March morning was 16 degrees.

Rain Almanac Month Year.png
Rainfall data for March and 2024 in Omaha.

March was a wet month by some measures, notably in terms of monthly rainfall. However, those rain events were sparse during the month, but when it rained it was heavy. This has made up for the deficient in moisture left by a record dry February, and it puts us just a tad below the average precip by the end of the month.

Snow Almanac Month Season.png
Snowfall data for March and winter 2023-2024 in Omaha.

In terms of snowfall, March was lacking yet again. March in the last several years has been notably absent of snow. The last time March had more than 3" of snow was in 2013. 1.6" of snow fell in Omaha during the month. This season, 19.7" of snow has fallen at Eppley, most of that snow falling during the second week of January.

So, what does April have in store? April is the month where spring truly comes with an uptick in rain (and thunderstorms) alongside warmer weather. Occasioanlly, winter will try to get its last hurrah in with some snow, we average around 1" of snow in April.

April Climatology.png
Statistics for April in Omaha.

What could April 2024 have in store? According to the Climate Prediction Center, this April could be a warm and wet one. Both outlooks show the probabilites of warmer than average and wetter than average conditions across a large section of the country. Now, there will be cooler periods and dry periods too, but the overall trend looks warm and wet. Also of note, April is when severe weather season really starts to ramp up for Nebraska and Iowa, so it is a good time to review those severe weather safety plans before any bad storms hit.

Nation Temp Monthly Outlook.png
Temperature Outlook for the United States in April 2024.
Nation Precip Monthly Outlook.png
Precipitation outlook for the US in April 2024.

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