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3 EF-1 Tornadoes confirmed in western Iowa from Monday's severe weather

Several tornadoes from Monday's storms
Posted at 5:08 PM, May 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-07 18:09:05-04

On Monday, May 6, a severe squall line brought damaging wind, large hail, and several tornadoes to eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. Below is a summary of the confirmed tornadoes seen from these storms in the KMTV viewing area.

EF-1: 3
EF-0: 1

Tornado Wide View.png
A wide view of the confirmed tornadoes in the KMTV viewing area.

Rating: EF-1
Max. Wind Speed: 110 mph
Path Length: 5.66 miles
Tornado Width: 250 yards
Time: 8:48 - 8:55 pm
Overview: Tornado moved between Glenwood and Malvern in western Mills County. Several homes and outbuildings sustained heavy damage. Several trees were snapped along the path as well.

Glenwood Tornado.JPG
Path of the Glenwood EF-1 tornado
Glenwood Damage.jpg
Damage to an outbuilding east of Glenwood.

Rating: EF-1
Max. Wind Speed: 93 mph
Path Length: 1.53 miles
Tornado Width: 200 yards
Time: 9:07 - 9:09 pm
Overview: A brief tornado snapped a few trees and ripped shingles off a home west of Carson and Macedonia.

Carson Tornado.JPG
Path of the Carson/Macedonia EF-1 tornado.
Carson Damage.jpg
Tree damage west of Carson in Pottawattamie County from an EF-1 tornado.

Rating: EF-1
Max. Wind Speed: 107 mph
Path Length: 4.05 miles
Width: 450 yards
Time: 9:13 - 9:19 pm
Overview: A tornado shattered windows in one home, and snapped power poles nearby. The tornado crossed I-80 before lifting. This tornado took a track just a mile east of where the Minden EF-3 tornado occurred back on April 26.

Minden Tornado.JPG
Path of the EF-1 tornado east of Minden.
Minden Damage.jpg
Damage to a home east of Minden from an EF-1 tornado, moving just east of the EF-3 10 days prior.

Rating: EF-0
Max. Wind Speed: 80 mph
Path Length: 1 mile
Tornado Width: 30 yards
Time: 7:07 - 7:08 pm
Overview: Video evidence of a tornado occurred west of Wymore and south of Beatrice. The tornado caused damage at a road supply store and snapped tree branches before lifting.

Wymore Tornado.JPG
Path of the EF-0 tornado west of Wymore in southeast Nebraska.