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November 24-25, 2023 | Snowfall Totals for Nebraska and Iowa

A band of 1-4" fell across a large part of the area.
Snow Total Maps.png
Posted at 5:05 PM, Nov 26, 2023

For many of us, this weekend was our first accumulating snow of the season. It was not much, but the light snow most of us saw did cause some headaches on the roads with slick spots. Now that the event is over, here are the snowfall totals seen across Nebraska, Iowa, and the Midwest from the storm system.

RADAR (1).gif
Radar loop of the snow event over the Midwest.

The snow came in 2 waves, the first wave impacted northeast Nebraska into northern Iowa on Friday. Generally, snowfall amounts were around 1" as was reported in Norfolk, Wisner, Wayne, and Bancroft. The highest snowfall report was 2.5" in Mapleton up in Monona County, Iowa.

Snow Total Maps.png
Snowfall totals from the Thanksgiving weekend snowfall across the KMTV viewing area. Totals ranged from a trace in Columbus to 4.2" in Auburn. The white line south of Omaha indicates an area of 3+" snowfall.

Wave 2 began around midday Saturday and lasted through early Sunday morning, mainly along and south of I-80 where snowfall was more steady.

Here are some totals from across the Omaha Metro:

Bennington: 0.3"
Millard: 0.5"
La Vista: 1.2"
Papillion: 1.5"
Bellevue: 1.2"
Council Bluffs: 1.5"

Snow totals across Nebraska not shown on the map:

Waverly (Lancaster Co.): 1.1"
Eagle (Cass Co.): 2.5"
Sterling (Johnson Co.): 3"
Friend (Saline Co.): 1.1"
Filley (Gage Co.): 2.8"
Burchard (Pawnee Co.): 3.8"
Summerfield (KS/Pawnee Co.): 4.2"

Snow totals across Iowa not shown on the map:

Mapleton (Monona Co.): 2.5"
Underwood (Pott. Co.): 1.3"
Oakland (Pott. Co.): 2.1"
Brayton (Audubon Co.): 1.3"
Malvern (Mills Co.): 2.3"
Corning (Adams Co.): 4"
Percival (Fremont Co.): 3.7"

Across the broader Midwest, eastern Nebraska and western Iowa were mostly sideswiped by the snowstorm. The heaviest snowfall fell in Kansas where Wichita saw almost 8", the largest snowfall in the city since 2014.

Region Snow Depth.png
24-hour snowfall totals from Saturday, November 25. The 7.8" in Wichita was the largest snowfall in nearly 10 years.

In Omaha, snowfalls in November are sometimes hard to come by. On average, November sees 1.2" of snow. This number comes from both November with no snows and November with large snowstorms.

November Preview.png
The November averages for Omaha.

In the last 6 years, Omaha has seen generally less than 2.5" of snow, with 2017 and 2021 not recording any snow for November.

Top 5 Lists.png
The last 6 snowfalls for the month of November in Omaha.

Within the last 50 years, November 1983 saw the most snow with 13.6" of snowfall for the month. Most of this snow came during a historic blizzard, of which this installment of This Week in Weather History covers.