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October 3, 2023 Nebraska Severe Weather Recap

A look at the wind damage across eastern Nebraska from storms
Columbus Tree Damage.jpg
Posted at 3:57 PM, Oct 04, 2023

Tuesday evening, a line of strong/severe thunderstorms moved through parts of eastern Nebraska, weakening as they approached the Omaha metro. In some locations out west, wind damage occurred in several areas. Below is a summary of the severe weather reports from the KMTV 3 News Now Viewing area:

Radar Loop

Polk County - Winds 60-70mph knocked down trees and powerlines in the southern side of Osceola. One weather station 30 feet up recorded an 80mph wind gust.

York County - 60mph winds toppled a tree on the east side of York.

Columbus - Winds over 70mph brought down trees across the city. A window at the community center was also shattered.

Columbus Tree Damage.jpg
Tree down on 18th street at 26th avenue blocking the road in Columbus.
Columbus Tree Damage 2.jpg
A tree branch is down in Frankfurt Park in Columbus.

Butler County - Near Surprise, a roof was ripped from a shed, and a center pivot overturned. Likely due to wind gusts over 60-70mph.

Colfax County - A tree was knocked over on Highway 15 between Schuyler and the Platte River. More intense areas of crop damage was observed northeast of Schuyler in eastern Colfax County, likely done by winds over 80mph.

Stanton County - A tree was blown down over a road northwest of Pilger. Across parts of Stanton County, entire fields had corn stalks snapped and leveled due to winds up to 100mph. Power poles and trees were snapped north of Stanton, the National Weather Service estimated winds upwards of 70-100mph caused that damage. As well, the National Weather Service in Omaha confirmed an EF-1 tornado with wind speeds up to 100mph caused some outbuilding and crop damage south of Pilger in the far eastern side of the county.

Stanton Crop Damage.jpg
Crop damage caused by an EF-1 tornado in eastern Stanton County.

Cuming County - There were no reports of damage, but winds were recorded at 70mph in West Point moving a deputy's car.

Jefferson County - A measured wind gust of 82mph brought down numerous trees across Fairbury.

Gage County - A tree branch was snapped 2 miles north of Beatrice.

Lancaster County - A tree was broken 1-mile northwest of Hickman

Burt County - No reports of damage were had, but the Tekamah airport recorded a 62mph wind gust.