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Tuesday's storms brought 8 tornadoes to east NE, west IA, and northwest MO

Four tornadoes in eastern NE, two tornadoes in western IA, and two tornadoes in northwest MO
Posted at 10:34 AM, Apr 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-19 18:39:26-04

Tornado season has begun in Nebraska and Iowa, and it started with 8 confirmed tornadoes from the National Weather Service on Tuesday.

April 16 Storm Reports Joseph.png
Storm reports from April 16, 2024.

Two waves of storms moved through, the first came by Tuesday morning, and the second around mid-day on Tuesday. Eight tornadoes were confirmed, four in eastern Nebraska, two in western Iowa, and two in northwest Missouri. Here are the confirmed tornadoes:

NW MO.png
The two confirmed tornadoes in northwest Missouri. One was an EF-0 (blue line) east of Maryville, another was an EF-1 west of Hopkins (green dot)

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 75 mph
Max. Width: 25 yards
Length: 3 miles
Time: 8:50 am
Description: A weak tornado moved a few miles east of Maryville. Damage to a few buildings was noted, as was some tree damage.

Maryville Damage.PNG
Damage to a building east of Maryville MO from an EF-0 tornado on April 16, 2024.

Rating: EF-1
Wind Speed: 90 mph
Max. Width: 25 yards
Length: 0.54 miles
Time: 9:00 am
Description: The strongest tornado in the KMTV viewing area. This tornado was brief west of Hopkins, just a couple miles south of the MO/IA border. One building sustained damage. One person suffered minor injuries.

Hopkins Damage.PNG
Damage to a building from an EF-1 tornado near Hopkins, Missouri.

Two tornadoes were confirmed in western Iowa from the late morning storms on Tuesday. These were in Adams and Cass Counties, around 90 minutes east of Omaha.

Carbon IA.PNG
EF-0 tornado near Carbon Iowa in Adams County

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 80 mph
Max. Width: 30 yards
Length: 2 miles
Time: 9:31 am
Description: Touched down in farmland east of Carbon. Two farmsteads suffered damage to siding and outbuildings.

Carbon Damage.jpg
Damage to an outbuilding north of Carbon from an EF-0 tornado.
Anita IA.PNG
An EF-1 tornado moved southwest of Anita on Tuesday, April 16.

Rating: EF-1
Wind Speed: 90 mph
Max. Width: 30 yards
Length: 0.64 miles
Time: 9:58 am
Description: Missed Anita by a mile, hitting a home south of town and snapping trees. The tornado then moved over the Crestwood Hills Golf Course before lifting.

Anita Damage.jpg
A snapped tree from an EF-1 tornado south of Anita. The Anita water tower is in the background.

Three tornadoes were also confirmed in Platte and Colfax Counties in eastern Nebraska. These tornadoes were visual, and many people saw them. Much of the information gained from these tornadoes was eyewitness reports on the duration, as these tornadoes were mostly too weak to do much damage.

E NE.png
The three EF-0 tornadoes that occurred in Platte and Colfax Counties in eastern Nebraska on April 16, 2024.

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 60 mph
Max. Width: 50 yards
Length: 9 miles
Time: 11:35 pm
Description: Mostly kicked up dirt, no noticeable damage. When the tornado passed over center irrigation pivots, they did not blow over.

Platte Center Funnel.jpg
The funnel cloud associated with the weak tornado near Platte Center, this was taken from near Columbus.

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 83 mph
Max. Width: 30 yards
Length: 3 miles
Time: 12:37 pm
Description: Tornado took an unusual path, making a C shape south of Creston. A cattle shed was flipped, an outbuilding was flipped with roofing removed from another outbuilding, a cedar tree was split down the middle, a detached garage had its roof removed and walls collapsed, and another cattle shed was flipped. The tornado lifted just south of town.

Garage Damage.jpg
Damage to the detached garage south of Creston in Platte County from an EF-0 tornado.
Creston Funnel.jpg
The funnel cloud associated with the Creston EF-0 tornado, taken from southern Stanton County. Photo has been edited to show the contrast.

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 70 mph
Max. Width: 30 yards
Length: 1 mile
Time: 1:18 pm
Description: The long-lived funnel south of Clarkson briefly touched down for 5 minutes. Eyewitnesses reported a dust cloud, but no damage.

Rating: EF-0
Wind Speed: 75 mph
Max. Width: 40 yards
Length: 5 miles
Time: 1:39 pm
Description: This photogenic tornado mainly stayed over open farmland, but a few center irrigation pivots were overturned. Tin roofing was removed from an outbuilding as well. (See video above)