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Bacon, Eastman spar in final congressional debate

Posted at 10:27 PM, Oct 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 23:23:47-05

Sunday's debate opened with a heated topic in gun rights. Following the shooting in Pittsburgh, the congressional candidates were asked what they believe the founders of the United States would make of the current state of gun laws.

"I would not change the second amendment," Congressman Don Bacon said. "I want to protect the law abiding citizens of this country who do things right every single day in this country. Our goal should be taking away second amendment rights of those who have proven themselves to be violent."

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"We need common sense gun safety regulation," candidate Kara Eastman said. "The vast majority of Americans support this ... Americans support background checks, mandatory waiting periods."

The candidates then moved on to tax reform--after the President suggested more cuts.

"We need to bring the corporate tax rate back up, if not, a little bit higher than what it was," Eastman said. "I would support 38 or 39 percent. Spending is not the problem."

"I think we have it right, right now," Congressman Bacon said. "Let's see how the continued results of this economy that is growing. It's the strongest economy going back five decades, Again the lowest unemployment in five years and great GDP growth."

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And during a voter's question about the most recent book each candidate has read, it lead to a personal story about Eastman's mother. The congressional candidate recounting how she decided to run for office prior to her mother's death, and her opponent, Congressman Bacon's condolences. It showed off a personal side during a tight congressional race.

"I truly do empathize that she lost her mother and I think we can't forget that," Congressman Bacon said. "And that gets back to one of the main things in this debate, We need to be more civil."

"I think it's good for the American public to see that politicians are real people who have emotions and can support each other even when we have differences of opinions about things and that's the way Congress should be," Eastman said.

This is the final scheduled debate for the candidates. Election Day is Nov. 6.