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Congressman Bacon, Eastman face off in latest debate

Posted at 10:26 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 23:24:30-05

Immigration, economy and trade were some topics discussed at Monday night's congressional forum between Congressman Don Bacon and candidate Kara Eastman.

When it came to healthcare, both candidates found common ground.

"I meet people every day who tell me that they're having to choose between paying for their healthcare or putting food on their table," Eastman said. "I met a woman yesterday who told me she's treating her own kid at home because she can't afford to take her to the doctor."

Congressman Bacon shares the same beliefs with Eastman.

"Kara Eastman has made my case. ACA is broken, that bill costs way too much--I got it, I agree," Congressman Bacon said. "We want more freedom and more options."

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But when the hot button topic of abortion came up, the candidates began to separate from one another.

"From a science perspective, abortion does kill a beating heart," Congressman Bacon said. "When abortions occur, there are two arms and two legs. There's a serparate DNA."

"Women are perfectly capable of making decisions about their own healthcare and they need to do that with their families, medical care providers and faith," Eastman said.

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Finally, the topic of national security was discussed--such as dealing with Russia and the state of the U.S. military.

"I think we need to ensure we have a strong deterrence, a strong military is peace through strength," Congressman Bacon said.

"This is an area where we need to stand up and start investing properly making sure all areas of military are funded properly," Eastman said.

Election Day is two weeks from tomorrow. Both candidates will meet again for another debate on Sunday.