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Boswell: 'For my daughter’s sake please don’t take my life'

Posted at 11:48 AM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 20:42:01-04

WILBER, Neb. (KMTV) — Over the last two days, Bailey Boswell’s defense team made their case that she does not deserve the death penalty for the murder of Sydney Loofe in 2017.

Friday, for the first time, we heard from Boswell herself.

“I’m so sorry for everything that happened to Sydney Loofe and for my role to what happened to her,” said Boswell.

Boswell was apologetic and emotional as she pleaded with the three-judge panel to not give her a death sentence.

Her team pointed to letters from Saline County Jail inmates saying she’s been a blessing. She thinks she can do that in the prison for women in York.

“I will spend the rest of my life in prison, but I believe I can help other women like me,” said Boswell.

She was convicted last year of murdering Loofe, alongside Aubrey Trail, who has already been given a death sentence.

She says she met Trail at a bad time of her life, thought he loved her, but eventually feared him and says she couldn’t get away from him.

“I was afraid of what he would do to my daughter, and my parents if I tried to leave him. He told me he would kill them,” said Boswell.

Much of what she said was backed up earlier in the day by Dr. Kirk Newring, who did a psychological evaluation of Boswell.

He said she suffered from PTSD and trauma from past relationships, making it hard to leave a relationship with Trail.

He believes she can be reformed.

At one point, a defense attorney asked him if Boswell was broken beyond repair.

“No. She has never had the chance of therapy, she should try that,” said Newring.

The state put documents into the record that included coded jailhouse messages between Trail and Boswell, that they say attempted to align with each other's testimony.

They also say Boswell sought a relationship with Trail, and has messaged men and women in jail in exchange for money.

Boswell focused much of her statement on her young daughter, saying she’ll later learn what she did, and that still, she wants to have a relationship with her.

“But I know that I can still be there for her in some way. She needs a mommy, and I know I can contribute to her life. For my sake, please don’t, for my daughter’s sake, please don’t take my life,” said Boswell.

Closing arguments were not made in court, and instead will be written statements that are due in August.

The three-judge panel must later unanimously agree for Boswell to be sentenced to death.

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