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Hydration spas growing in popularity in the Midwest

Posted at 7:29 AM, May 10, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — As we continue to highlight women-owned businesses in our area, I introduce you to two friends who are nurses.

One was working at a surgery center and the other was at a family practice. They had an idea to offer clients special IVs to improve their health. Within three months they opened Omaha’s first hydration spa. And three years later, they have big plans to expand.

"I said for years I would never own a business, and here I am. I love it,” said owner Casey Kuhl.

Hydration spas are still a new concept in the Midwest.

"We offer IVs with vitamins, minerals, amino acids,” Kuhl said. “We do a beauty bag, an energy bag, and then we have one for the cold and flu to help with your immune system which has been the most popular this time of year."

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The owners of Live Hydration Spa wanted to fill a gap they saw in our community of people who needed fluids but didn't need to go to the emergency room.

"A good example is food poisoning. Not something you necessarily need to go to the ER for, very uncomfortable, you're missing work, especially if you have kids at home. Same with pregnant moms. They don't want to go to the ER and sit there for four hours for fluids,” said another owner, Felicia Jonovich.

Soon you will see a lot more Live Hydrations in our region. They are in the process of opening a new location in downtown Omaha as well as a location in Lincoln. But these ladies have goals of taking their business across state lines.

"We are franchising now,” Kuhl said. “We've sold four locations and we have about six more in the works. We want to bring our concept of live wellness, and live hydration to other communities."

Kuhl said a positive thing to come from the pandemic is more people are focused on their health, including the importance of certain vitamins in their bodies.

"Helping people after they had COVID. Re-hydrating and getting their immune system back up. Even after the vaccines, because most people have felt pretty crummy. Just helping people with symptom relief, and to get back on with their lives,” Kuhl said.

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Their clientele ranges in age and gender.

"We do have a few kids who come in and unfortunately they have chronic migraines,” Kuhl said. “We've seen a rise in our teenage population, especially the athletes. We have a few that are like 90 years old and they are super dehydrated or they have a bladder infection."

To learn more about Live Hydration Spa, click here.

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