Bacon and Eastman face off in Congressional debate

Posted: 10:27 PM, Oct 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-05 23:23:38-05

In their first debate, incumbent Congressman Don Bacon and Democratic challenger Kara Eastman went back and forth on a variety of important issues to voters in Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District. 

On Tuesday evening, both candidates took shots at each other when it comes to following party lines on topics such as immigration, healthcare, abortion, marijuana and Social Security.

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The candidates didn't seem to agree on much, other than they thought they each performed well during the debate.

"I think that we knew each other's positions pretty well. At this point, three weeks from the election, I would say I was surprised how vocal she was for the legalization of recreational marijuana. That was more clearly stated by her than I have heard," said Bacon.

"I think that some of the statements I've made in the past have been mischaracterized. I thought it was interesting that he disavowed ads that his party and Paul Ryan have created," said Eastman.

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Bacon said Eastman has too much a Left mentality and compared her to Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi. "What she said is what she's been saying, and it's to the left of Nancy Pelosi in many areas. The philosophy of democratic socialist perspective of Bernie Sanders, and I don't think that's Nebraska."

Eastman said Bacon only votes along his party lines and said he doesn't have Nebraskans values in mind.

"He sticks to his Republican dictated speaking points and it's a shame because there are realities about our economy right now, but then there are also realities that we still have too many people in the district who are struggling to make ends meet," added Eastman. 

The mid-term elections are Nov. 6.