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Mayor touts public safety, economic growth at SOTC address

Posted at 3:00 PM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 19:30:58-05

On Friday afternoon, Mayor Jean Stothert gave her annual State of the City address. 

The message was overwhelming positive. Stothert opened the speech by praising Omaha's safety, stability, economy and development. 

In her speech, which lasted just under a half-hour, the Mayor touched on a number of hot-button issues of Omaha including trash collection, substandard streets, waterfront development and the streetcar.

The mayor also focused on the city unveiling a new street rating tool and snow plow GPS system. The real-time tracking system will allow residents to see where plowing is underway and complete. It will be unveiled on the city's website next week. 

Stothert also specifically praised the Omaha Police Department for its body camera development, success solving homicides and overall commitment to safety. 

The mayor touched on recent crime statistics during her state of the city address this afternoon.

The number of shooting fell below 100 for the first time since the city began tracking the stats. Ten years ago, the number of shootings neared 250.

And the Omaha Police Department is solving homicides at an all-time high: around 80 percent.

The mayor says this is well-above the national average for a city Omaha's size. Last year saw a total of 30 homicides.

"While this is positive for our community, it is of little comfort to the families and friends of those taken from us,” the mayor said.

Today, 27 police officers graduated from Omaha's police academy; 24 more will graduate in April, totaling 860 officers.

The mayor plans to increase that number to 900 officers in 2019.