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A nonprofit is giving artists up to 100k for Central Omaha Public Library projects

Posted at 9:45 PM, May 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-08 22:45:17-04
  • Amplify Arts is awarding local artists 5k-100k for projects to be featured in the Central Omaha Public Library
  • The 72nd and Dodge intersection is a hot spot for development with many eyes on Crossroads and the library
  • Watch to learn more about the future of the Central Omaha Public Library


The old Crossroads Mall was torn down in 2020. Now developer Woodbury Corporation is requesting an additional 22 million dollars in tax increment funding from the city of Omaha, which increases the budget to 862 million dollars.

City Council member Pete Festersen says he is happy Woodbury Co. is getting involved due to past success with similar projects, but wants to make sure they're kept accountable here.

"I have been very concerned with the current time frames and timelines, I'm looking to build accountability into that with the redevelopment agreements that are coming to city council. And I did meet with the development team recently to talk about the status of the current site and get it cleaned up as soon as possible," said Festerson.

While the future of crossroads is on hold with the earliest start of construction spring of 2025, the street construction of the Central Omaha Public Library is accelerating and local artists are already gathering to discuss future works of art that will decorate it's walls.

We can see it going up at 72nd and dodge and we can do the call for art! It's also really exciting for the creative community that art is apart of the consideration of the building process, a lot of times art is kind of an after thought," said Lauren Martin with Amplify Arts.

Local artist Joy Cotton says she's excited for the chance to become part of Omaha history with the potential for a permanent presence through art.

"It's an amazing opportunity especially with the city putting the time and the funds into the community artists ," said Cotton.

Amplify Arts is putting together a committee that will award project budgets ranging from 5 thousand to a 100 thousand dollars.

"I was born and raised near the site I can remember when it was the heartbeat of our city and I want it to be that again," said Festerson.

Application are open until midnight June 9, and are provided in Spanish, English and an audio version is available.