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Central Omaha residents worried street parking is taking over the neighborhood

John Bock
Posted at 9:15 PM, Jun 03, 2024
  • Lack of parking is becoming a worry of many Central Omaha neighborhoods
  • Parking and nuisances that come with construction are top of mind for neighbors near 50th and Leavenworth
  • Watch to learn more about neighbors concerns


Central Omaha neighbors are worried a new apartment complex is going to take up what little parking they have left.

"I doubt that they're thinking about the parking at all," said Central Omaha resident John Bock.

Sitting at 50th and Leavenworth is an abandoned building in it's prime it was Coin Laundry, now new development is on the way Walter Apartments is the future of the corner.

"It's really just about building, I'm sure they're maxing out, they want to put as many units as they can in the building. And honestly, if they couldn't have any parking, they would probably still build it," said Bock.

The apartment complex will have 58 units; 46 single rooms, 12 two bedroom apartments and 47 total parking spaces. If each tenant has a car that means at least 23 residents will have to park on the street of the nearby neighborhood.

"Hopefully the people living here will have one car per room but that's probably not gonna happen. I would imagine that they're gonna end up, you know, right along this street," said Bock.

Lack of parking and nuisances that come with construction are top of mind for neighbors, who say drivers looking for a quicker route already speed through their neighborhood.

"When I go east down, I avoid Leavenworth because of all the construction already. And so I'm cutting through the neighborhoods and I'm sure a lot of other people, especially around rush hour are flying through these neighborhoods," said Bock.

I contacted Parkway Development to learn more about the project but, haven't heard back yet.