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Cicadas Coming Soon: Tips on living with these little bugs and your pets

Posted at 5:55 PM, May 18, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It's the sound of summer, cicadas will be coming out soon. Should you be watching your pets more carefully this year?

  • Jakie Hernandez with Best Friends Animal Society says this year we could see more cicadas than we have in hundreds of years.
  • She says cicadas aren't necessarily toxic to dogs but can be a choking hazard when digested because of their exoskeleton.
  • Watch the video to hear from pet owners and tips on how to keep your pets safe.


"I would anticipate that if you haven't already seen them, you will very likely hear them soon," said Jakie Hernandez with Best Friends Animal Society.

Hernandez says this year we could see more cicadas than we have in hundreds of years.

"What makes this year unique is there is actually two broads, two groups of cicadas, coming out which is a phenomenon within itself. The last time I think this happened was like in 1803, so naturally speaking you know when they do come out you’re talking about billions of one specific brood and now we have two coming out this year," Hernandez said.

I met John Beck and his dog Ella at Hanscom Park and he loves the sound of cicadas.

"I grew up with the sound as a kid, because I lived here as a kid," Beck said.

And Ella loves them too.

"She'll like want to play with them, if they are on the sidewalk because they make that loud buzzing sound, but I have never actually let her catch one, but she chases everything, squirrels and bunnies and never catches them so I am never really worried about it," Beck said.

Laura Shiffermiller lives downtown and says she's not worried about the cicadas either.

"I try to not let him eat anything off of the ground,” Shiffermiller said.

While they will usually fly away it's important for pet owners to make sure your pets don't eat them.

"While they aren't necessarily toxic to dogs when ingested first of all they are a choking hazard that have that hard exoskeleton,” Hernandez said.

And if too many are ingested it could cause upset stomach or GI issues.

Hernandez recommends, avoiding the hotter parts of the day and dusk. And monitor them when you are out, especially if your pets like to chase after them.