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Construction of Mutual of Omaha headquarters is on track despite recent storms

Construction worker Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha headquarter construction
Posted at 6:52 PM, May 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-07 22:11:49-04
  • The new Mutual of Omaha headquarters construction is ramping up
  • The project is estimated to cost $600 million: $68 million is coming from tax increment financing (TIF) approved by the City of Omaha.
  • Watch to learn more about the construction timeline.


The new Mutual of Omaha building is a project that developers say has been years in the making and now their vision is coming to life.

"Everything is planned out to the day to the hour, it's one big choreographed dance quite frankly, to schedule materials, folks coming in and off the site because every hour matters on a job like this," said developer Jason Lanoha.

Lanoha also says the building is going up fast and the recent storms that have impacted the area aren't slowing it down.

"One of the beauties of going vertical is that you get out of the mud pretty quickly, so rain in the evening, for example, the rain that happened last night — had no impact on us today," said Lanoha.

Mutual of Omaha employees will be able to move into their new offices in 2026. Once complete, the skyscraper will be the tallest building in Omaha standing at 677 feet tall, where the downtown library once stood.

"A building of significance in the urban core for any city is very important for the city. Urban cores have to be vital," said Lanoha.

The project is estimated to cost 600 million dollars, 68 million of which is coming from tax increment financing approved by the City of Omaha. During the peak of construction, the project will employ 700 workers.

Chief Customer Service Officer Shannon Hite has worked at Mutual of Omaha for 21 years, and believes the new building is necessary step to ensure the companies future.

"We're trying to create a real inviting inspiring environment where our associates can come together and collaborate on behalf of our customers and then we're really looking to the future to build a facility that will to help us attract and retain future generations," said Lanoha.

Hite says the new Mutual of Omaha building will have less office space than their previous location, but believes that won't be a problem because of the companies hybrid work model.

Lanoha also tells us that there is enough concrete in the building to make sidewalks to Kansas City and back from Omaha.