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Drivers beware: Park Omaha warns of new parking scam

Posted at 8:28 PM, Apr 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-02 21:28:49-04
  • Fraudulent QR codes have been placed on parking metes in downtown and the Old Market
  • The QR codes are automatically charging users $49.99 and in some cases was recurring
  • Watch to learn more about how you can avoid getting scammed


The weather is warming up and people are headed to Old Market. If you're driving into town, you're probably familiar with Park Omaha. But beware, some drivers are being scammed by fake parking QR codes.

Park Omaha says when users scan the QR code they are being charged $49.99 by a website called "Fravvy" and in some cases the charges are recurring and hard to cancel.

"I'm not surprised seems to be happening a lot more lately. A lot of businesses use QR codes for stuff so I could see people falling for it pretty easily," Lindsey Colgan.

Luckily many of the people I talked to, like Colgan who works in the Old Market, haven't needed to scan the QR codes.

"I work down here so I have to find parking 5 days a week, so it's more convenient for me just to park in the lot, I do have coworkers that do the street parking," said Colgan.

Parking Mobility Manager Hannah Adeponu told us that if you have been scammed or seen a fraudulent QR code to report it to the Better Business Bureau.

"We want to be sure that people are made aware of these fraudulent codes, and that they know what to do to avoid being scammed," said Adeponu.

Drivers can avoid getting scammed by using the Park Omaha app or paying directly at the multi-space meters.