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'It is scary' Veg.Edible prepares allergy safe meals for Omaha neighbors

Posted at 7:26 PM, Apr 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-11 20:26:06-04
  • Veg.Edible curated a menu that's is gluten, dairy, soy and nut free
  • Owner Stacie Van Cleave is thankful she can provide tasty and safe meals to the Benson neighborhood
  • Watch to learn more about the demand for vegan restaurants in Omaha

Omaha is constantly growing and with growth comes new business and new restaurants. Veg.Edible is doing things different, every single item on their menu is safe for vegan neighbors and others with dietary restrictions like celiac disease.

"It's good food that makes you feel good," said Stacie Van Cleave.

Veg.Edible started as a catering business in Kitchen Council, but found the need to expand. The meatless food industry is growing not only in our neighborhoods but across the United States. The plant based food industry in the U.S. was worth 8.8 billion dollars in 2023, and expected to double by 2030.

"There's a demand for what we do and Omaha is maybe a little bit behind the times on accommodation in the food industry so I really wanted to set the tone for having a welcoming environment to anybody to have a good plate of food that won't be them sick," said Van Cleave.

Stacie Van Cleave has been a vegan for almost a decade, and says she wanted to open a restaurant the had delicious vegan and allergy friend options. And is thankful her restaurant is a spot for parents of children with complex allergies.

"My heart goes out to... I have so many regulars that have kids and their terrified to eat out because they don't want to rush to the emergency room. I feel for them I have a dairy allergy and it, it is scary to not know what could potentially be in your food when you go out to eat," said Van Cleave.

Van Cleave says their goal is to create a safe space for neighbors with dietary restrictions. They also offering catering services for events.