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Missing puppy tortured and left for dead in West Omaha dumpster returned to owner

Leo in tripod case
Posted at 9:40 PM, Apr 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-15 22:41:41-04
  • A puppy was discovered in the dumpster of a West Omaha business just before the garbage truck came
  • The dog was reunited with its owner and was first reported missing on April 11
  • Watch to learn more about the dogs discovery and his road to recovery

Monday started off a typical tax day for Sweet and Associates until they came outside to take out the trash. That was when Kevin Wiederin and Judy O-Halloran discovered Leo, his head and legs were covered in duct tape.

"Never in a millions years would I have thought that's what I was going to see," said Kevin Wierderin.

Another associate had heard Leo in the dumpster the night before, however they thought he was a wild animal.

"Had it's face an eyes duct taped, it's mouth was duct taped shut luckily it could breath and it's paws front paws and back paws were all duct taped together, so it, couldn't move and before I knew it, she jumped in and pulled the dog out and I called the Humane Society," said Wiederin.

Wierderin says it's a miracle they found Leo when they did, because just 30 minutes later the garbage came and emptied the dumpster. Leo's owner Erin Pasilla's first reported him missing on April 11.

"Went out and handed out posters in the rec areas to get every body involved each day got more stressful, I think I cried more and more each day just thinking that he wasn't gonna come home," said his owner Erin Pasillas.

Pasillas was able to identify Leo through his micro-chip after his long locks of fur had to be cut off to remove the duct tape,

"He came out and asked if I had any enemies, because Leo had been tortured," said Pasillas.

Those were the first words Pasillas heard from animal control before being reunited with her dog.

"I said why are you asking that like right away, cause I was picking it up," said Pasillas.

Leo spent some time at the vet, he has a rash around his head from the duct tape and an infection in both ears.