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'No one can shame you:' Bob the Drag Queen shares their journey with Omaha neighbors

Bob the Drag Queen waves goodbye
Bob the Drag Queen Conversations for Change
Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-26 21:11:57-04
  • Tuesday was the second annual Conversations for Change series, this year's topics centered around gender, race, and equality
  • Bob the Drag Queen shared their personal views on activism and family
  • Watch to learn more about Inclusive Communities and their series Conversations for change


Inclusive Communities welcomed Bob the Drag Queen for the second annual Conversations for Change series, this years conversation centered around gender, race, and equality.

"We wanted to bring a speaker this year that holds a trans identity," Inclusive Communities Executive Director Cammy Watkins.

Watkins says when choosing topics and speakers, the nonprofit takes a moment to recognize what is currently impacting the community, and was inspired to invite Bob after seeing new legislation restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth.

"So much of social justice work is done through, you know, like activism. But, rarely do we see the lens of 'how do you be an activist through the lens of arts and humanities.' So, how do you use your art your talents to promote a more just society," said Watkins.

Bob shared their experience growing up, their entrance into activism, and hurdles they experienced early on in their career.

"They just didn't get why I wanted to dress the way I was to dressing to tell jokes and I was like my jokes aren't about me being in drag. I just like dressing up. No one asked why Eddie Murphy had to wear a red Power Rangers outfit for his special," said Bob.

A key point during the conversation was the importance of family support, after a local mother shared her son's interest in drag. A topic that moved Bob to tears while sharing details about other drag queens who don't have support from their families.

"When you're a mom you have a lot of power to really lift people up or really tear them down and when you're like torn down by your mom, I've never had that happen but, I've seen it happen to people and it's so — like, people are crushed. They're like crushed to dirt and they can't even rise again. But, when you're uplifted by your mom it's like no one can tell you anything, no one can shame you, no one can make you feel bad," said Bob.

Conversations For Change is a free-to-the-public series about positive self-reflection and change.

"If we can help amplify conversations and stories that wouldn't necessarily happen in this community, that is our primary goal. And the second goal is to really give people the inspiration to make a change, even if its a small personal self-reflective change," said Watkins.

Watkins says she hopes this series shows Omaha youth our lived experiences are also shared ones.