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Omaha Streetcar moves forward: Nearly $48 million approved for cars and parts

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 18:58:37-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A streetcar like the ones in Kansas City and Cincinnati is closer to being a reality after the Omaha Streetcar Authority approved a contract for the company that built the cars in both places.

  • The design is in its final stages at about 90 percent complete.
  • Watch the video to hear about the cars that Omaha will receive.

Monday afternoon the Omaha Streetcar Authority approved funding for 6 cars.

A contract of just over $41 million went to the only bidder — the company that made the ones in Kansas City.

CAF USA INC. shared Monday afternoon that the cars Omaha will use are a first of their kind. Vice Chair of the Streetcar Authority Board Bob Stubbe says that means you won't have to step up at any point in the car.

"This particular car once you come to that stop you essentially for anybody that might be in a wheelchair or has difficulty walking with a cane or something like that it's 100% low floor so you can sit or stand anywhere in the car without having to go through those steps were pretty excited about that," Stubbe said.

Another 6.5 million was approved for spare parts and special tools.

The board also approved pre-buying some materials that have long lead times so construction, when the time comes, can go faster.

The construction work is ongoing with utility companies locating, and in some cases moving, utilities that may conflict with the streetcar.

The design is in its final stages at about 90 percent complete.