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'Please slow down' signs are popping up in Dundee neighborhood

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jun 20, 2024
  • Dundee residents are putting up "Please slow down" near 50th and Cuming street
  • Neighbors say some drivers have been ignoring the 25 mile and hour speed limit and running stop signs
  • Watch to learn more about reckless driving in Dundee

Neighbors in Dundee put up "Please slow down" signs near 50 and Cuming street, they say drivers speed down Cuming Street every day. Now they are asking for drivers to respect traffic laws in their neighborhood.

Eric Jones and Tyler Frederick have been neighbors for six years and live near this intersection. They say some people treat the block like a drag strip, ignoring the 25 mile and hour speed limit, some even running stop signs.

Reckless driving habits have caused damage to lawns and homes. This is a major concern for residents.

"It's just discerning to let your child be on the front yard or near the front yard even," said Frederick.

Neighbors KMTV the created a petition for speed bump, but it was declined by the city, because traffic volume is too high.

"We're always happy to evaluate those. You know, we've got, we've got some set policies in place for how we do, traffic calming, you know, speeding is certainly a concern that we have in the city. And, and one of the items that's been identified in our business Zero plan is to have a, a speed management plan," said City of Omaha Assistant Director of Transportation Austin Rowser.

This intersection isn't the only one, last month we told you about 52 and Farnam in Dundee where one resident says a driver just missed her while she was crossing the street.

"We're going to need either some kind either a speed bump or a traffic calming device but also people to follow the rules that already in place and city officials to hold those people accountable," said Jones.

Rowser says neighbors can contact their City Council member with concerns.