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Protesters picket Central Omaha property management company

Omaha Tenants United protest poster
Posted at 9:12 PM, Jul 02, 2024
  • Protesters picketed outside of a company they say is neglecting their landlord duties
  • The protest was organized by group Omaha Tenants United for current and former tenants
  • Watch to learn more about changes renters want to see landlords make

Protesters picketed outside of a company they say isn't doing their job as landlords on Tuesday. The protesters are current and former tenants who say they've all leased from Omaha Premier Property Management and activists from group Omaha Tenants United.

One picketer, Juan Jontz, rented from the company for five years. he says it was a struggle to get repairs done and when they did tenants would be charged…

"They came in, they would come in and say they did, but a couple of days later leak would show up back up. Our dryer, we had tape keeping the door closed. They would charge us $10 a month to clean the common areas, the hallways and the laundry room and they never did. They told us we had to put in a work order for that," said Jontz.

Neighborhood reporter called OPPM to see what they had to say about what Juan said. But. they said any questions needed to be directed to their lawyer.

Omaha Tenants United, a nonprofit group that advocates for renters, helped coordinate the picket, Seth Cope an organizer with OTU says renters want:

-An end to the company's $100 move out fee

-Transparent deposit procedures

-Timely repairs

-Fees charged for repairs

This isn't the only group of renters Omaha Tenants United is working with.

"We think by confronting landlords directly to make repairs and get money back for tenants that we're showing people how they can fight to get everything that they're owed in this world and hopefully inspire them to do more beyond just this," said Cope.

City Council member Aimee Melton, who's also a lawyer, says first thing renters should do is, download the Nebraska Landlord Tenant Handbook.

"When you're first moving in my advice is you take pictures of every thing and make sure those pictures are dated. The handbook also provides the letter that you should send upon moving out of your apartment that demands your deposit back. Because if you don't get your deposit back and you don't get a statement from the land as to what they're charging you for in a timely manner within those 30 days, then you're entitled both to your deposit back plus one month's rent. If you want any advice or need an attorney, you can also call the Omaha Bar Association for an attorney referral," said Melton.

Melton says renters need to do their homework and recommends doing an internet search for reviews.