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ELMWOOD TRAIL UPDATE: City blocks off path after biker hits several large bumps

Posted at 8:17 PM, Jul 07, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — UPDATE 07-08-2024
The City of Omaha Parks Department says this trail has been a challenging spot for quite some time and now has it blocked off while they figure out the best way forward. Parks Director, Matt Kalcevich says the piece of sharp material that Jack landed by is a piece of rebar that is likely there to stabilize the trail.

The Parks Department encourages everyone if something doesn't look right, avoid using it.

Origingal Story: Sunday July 7, 2024
All the rain in the last few weeks has impacted several areas including this trail at Elmwood Park. A young biker says he almost went into the creek after hitting several large bumps along the trail.

  • Jack Cripe was biking with his mom on Saturday when he unexpectedly hit a series of bumps on this Elmwood Park trail.
  • The trail appears to have been eroded by recent rain, exposing landscape fabric, rocks, and a piece of metal material that Jack almost hit.
  • Jack and his moms hope the parks department puts up some sort of block or sign to make sure people, especially bikers, are aware before they hit that part of the trail.
  • Watch the video to hear what Jack experienced and see what the trail looks like.

"My bike came out in one piece and I came out in one piece, don't know how that happened, that was like a miracle there," said Jackson Dean Cripe, an incoming freshman at Westside High School.

Jack and his mom Dee were riding around Elmwood Park on Saturday when they decided to take this short dirt trail that runs along the creek.

"We found it, and it was a little cool," Jack said.

But as he picked up speed, he quickly turned this corner.

"And I immediately see all of these bumps and I thought nothing of it because I thought they were just small ones, just from that view but then I came closer it was too late to break,” Jack said.

A series of large bumps on the trail, where it has likely eroded from the amount of rain we've seen in the last few weeks. But, it's unlike the last time Jack rode this trail.

"It was not this terrible like we could easily ride along it," Jack said. "Guessing that years of change and like it's sank into the river because of all the rain and all that."

With much of the trail washed away, landscape fabric is visible, sagging when stepped on at certain points, ponding water, and large rocks and chunks of the trail are scattered throughout.

"When I get here, I just lose complete control, my bike flips, I end up right here where the rocks are, almost impaled because there is this little metal thing right here," Jack said.

Jack pointed out what looked like a stick at first but was actually some sort of sharp material.

Central Omaha neighborhood reporter Molly Hudson called Matt Kalcevich with the parks department to see if this trail was on their radar but has not heard back.

"I am very scared about this trail now, now that that just happened," Jack said.

While getting video of the trail another biker nearly repeated exactly what happened to Jack but was able to bike off.

For now, Jack suggests wearing your helmet and not biking on this trail.

"I only got small cuts on my leg but if I went a little bit further it could have ended a lot more badly," Jack said.

Jack and his moms hope the parks department puts up some sort of block or sign to make sure people, especially bikers, are aware before they hit that part of the trail.