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World Refugee Day: One man from Afghanistan opens a business with the guidance of a non-profit

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 20, 2024
  • Video shows inside the Green Land store located at 84th and F.
  • June 20 is known as the World Refugees Day. The holiday is recognized by the United Nations in hopes of highlighting the world immigrants and refugees do in and for America.
  • Abdul Hasib Hadidi moved to Omaha in 2021 from Afghanistan. He now owns a grocery store and bakery in central Omaha with the help of the Internation Council for Refugees and Immigrants(ICRI).


Thursday marks world refugee day —- June 20th is used to highlight immigrants and refugees…for their courage…and the impact they have in America. One man came from Afghanistan… with nothing. He made the six month trip with just his brother and father in hopes fulfilling a dream in America.

Abdul Hasib Hadidi moved to Omaha from Afghanistan in 2021. He was working as a prison guard and his last day in his home country, he began his journey to America directly from work.

"We came on the same day.. we came to Uzbekistan then came to Dubai then came to the U.S." said Hadidi.

While living in the Middle East, Hadidi was in the Afghan Air Force, his work to help America, made him a target.

"Still the rest of the family live there.. like my cousin and my uncle. There life in danger…"said Hadidi.

Hadidi's life now, much different from what he knew at home.

He owns the Greenland, a grocery store and bakery, at 84th and F in Omaha.

"It's like for Middle East people that speak Arabic…you know a lot of that stuff… we mix it with Afghani things also… we mix it with it Middle East… and people like it," said Hadidi.

He says when he first arrived in Omaha he had to overcome cultural and language barriers and figure what it was, he wanted to do in America.

"If you have a goal and you want to do that…there's a lot of people that can help you here. So, you just need to work on something," said Hadidi.

This is where the International Council for Refugees and Immigrants comes in.

"When they come to us… we are helping them to apply for getting LLC or based on their business idea… if they need any, another license, any another technical assistance….we help them first achieve those license or certificate… and then start their own business," said Sheeba Nezami with the International Council for Refugees and Immigrants.

For Hadidi this process took about 2 months. While he has only owned the Greenland for 6 months there much more he hopes to do.

"To make a better life for my kids…and those around me," said Hadidi.

Hadidi is happy to be able to support his family, that's here and Afghanistan. He says this first store is only the beginning of his journey.