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Families with first-gen students are preparing for college with a program

The program 'College Prep for Families' is equipping South Omaha learning community participants with tools for higher education.
Posted at 7:39 PM, Nov 15, 2023
  • Many families in the 'College Prep for Families'—visit a college campus for the first time
  • Program provides accessible information to scholarships, applications, and network opportunities
  • Families at the South Omaha learning center can enroll.
  • The program is repeatable
  • Program will start back up in the Spring


Applying for college can be complex and long. Getting a breakdown to understand it, makes it easier for parents and students.

I'm Maria Osnaya your South Omaha reporter, where a program here provides college prep for families.

Mother Norma Guzman says the program helped her son dream of what's possible.

"Right now my son wanna apply for scholarships and maybe if — I'm not study for that, I don't know how to do it and now I have a lot of opportunities and I know many people from here that maybe gonna help us," said Guzman.

College Prep for Families is available to parents and children of any age enrolled at the Learning Community Center.

Guzman's son Stephen is now excited to apply to schools.

"I'm a junior year now and I really want to attend UNO," he said.

It's a six-week program where parents can learn the ins and outs of how to research and apply to colleges including:

  • How to apply for scholarships
  • How to schedule a campus visit
  • What questions to ask counselors

The program leader says higher education starts with a visit to the college.
"So when we first brought a group of families from South Omaha we asked them at the end, have you ever been to college here or in your home country and no one had ever been to a college campus before," she says.

The College Prep for Families is in its ninth year and past participants are getting ready for college.

Guzman says the classes gave her the confidence needed to help her son.

Guzman said, "If you're prepared, you're going to have a better job, better life, and be better for the community."

Organizers say college prep can serve as a checklist for all families getting ready to send their child to college. These free classes are offered twice a year and the next one starts in the spring.

In Omaha, Maria Osnaya 3 news now.