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South Omaha food pantry on track to serve nearly 60,000 meals this year

One mother says these groceries are helping her stay in her home.
Posted at 2:55 PM, Nov 20, 2023
  • Heartland Hope Mission is serving 7,000 Thanksgiving meals in Omaha this year
  • Pastor Chelsea Salifou says the demand is because of compound inflation
  • Heartland Hope Mission helps with food assistance, financial advising, job referrals, and preventing homelessness
  • The distribution will be open again on Monday and Tuesday
  • People can also donate a meal by giving money to the charity 


When it comes to making ends meet during the holidays, some families in south Omaha are finding crucial help here at this food bank. 

I'm Maria Osnaya in south Omaha where one non-profit is on track to help tens of thousands this year. 

"And then take you over here." "Okay," replied Drewes.

Mother Jennifer Drewes hopes she didn’t have to come back here to Heartland Hope Mission.

Drewes said, “We don't come here consistently so the last time we came here was COVID."

Drewes is here to pick up a Thanksgiving meal — in fact, she's not alone. She's one of thousands of people the mission says it will help this month with necessities such as food.

“They help bridge that gap because it is so expensive like you used to be able to fill a cart for $300 and now you can barely fill up an edge of that cart for that much," said Drewes.

CEO of Heartland Hope Mission Chelsea Salifou said the demand is higher every day but even higher during the holidays.

“Thanksgiving alone we anticipate serving 7,000 people.”

Salifou said as things have become more expensive an increasing number of people need help.

“What we’re seeing with our families is that expenses for an average American household has gone up by $700 a month,” said Salifou.

“If we weren’t able to come here, I'd probably be facing eviction,” added Drewes.

The help Drewes received Friday won't fix all of her problems but she's grateful for what she's received this week.

The distribution will be open again on Monday and Tuesday. People can also donate a meal by giving money to the charity. 

In South Omaha, Maria Osnaya 3 News Now.