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Abide and Creighton team up again for the Blue Out Game

Abide a local non-profit continues to partner with Creighton to spread awareness on their mission to revitalize the Inner City, one neighborhood at a time through its holistic strategies.
Posted at 7:03 PM, Feb 28, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-28 20:42:18-05
  • Video shows Abide's fitness center and gymnasium located in North Omaha.
  • CEO, Josh Dotzler, shares the reason his upbringing has shaped him into wanting to give back to the community. Business owner, Tim Collins, explains why he continues to be apart of the Abide family and how it has allowed him to grow into a better professional.


Wednesday marks not only the Abide and Creighton Blue Out Game but also it's the Better Together Day of Giving.

The non-profit, Abide, is partnered with Creighton University to raise awareness on the work they do in and with the community.

"Not every child has every opportunity to reach their full potential. So for me, growing up and seeing some of the gaps having an opportunity to play basketball at Creighton... And be a part of a great university, but seeing kids in the neighborhood that I grew up with and who didn’t have the same opportunity," said Josh Dotzler, the CEO of Abide.

Abide works to revitalize Inner Cities through a holistic strategy that focuses on developing neighborhoods, stronger families, and emerging leaders.

We just believe that the people in our city have the potential to bring incredible change to our community and so we want to see and hopefully make it easier for people to get involved,” said Dotzler.

In 2021, Abide built a fitness center with the help of the community through fundraisers. Tim Collins, owner of TC Lifestyle Fit, has used the facility since 2022 to train his clients.

"We’re here in 2024 because I believe in place, plan and provision. God needs us to be here. This has been a home for us," said Dotzler.

Collins said, while his business has been around for years, getting in the game with Abide has helped him grow in other ways.

"What I love most about being here on campus...the people, the leadership. We have leadership workshops every month that Josh Dotzler allows us to attend. We could learn...develop our mindset in our skill set towards being even more excellent operators in our profession,” said Collins.

The Abide organization works to bridge the city of Omaha and provide resources for individuals to grow with the help of the community.

The Better Together Blue Out Game happening Wednesday helps the non-profit to pour back into the community through continuing to spread resources.