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African Culture Connection hosts dance workshops before their annual "Kubatana" celebration

Posted at 12:50 AM, May 19, 2024
  • Video shows artists and dancers particpating in the workshop before the African Culture Connection's annual "Kubatana" event.
  • This year ACC welcomed six African countries to represent their culture in a performance.
  • Artists and dancers come together to learn and appreciate different African cultures through music, food, and dancing.


Earlier this week I told you about the "Kubatana" celebration happening this weekend. The celebration highlighted African cultures through six different countries. Before the performances though there were dance workshops.

Aliyah William is a contemporary dancer. She typically does lyrical, jazz and ballet but today she is trying something new.

“I like learning new things and its more like a challenge to stay on beat,” said William.

William says learning different cultures and traditions is important to her.

"The culture appreciation and the things I’ve learned from it…and it’s just like a good environment to be around,” said William.

Sylvestre Adzaku-Adzaku lead the first workshop…and shared a tradition dance called agbadza.

"A dance for celebration… people usually do this at a funeral or to celebrate family...ancestors.” said Adzaku-Adzaku.

Adzaku-Adzaku moved to America in 2008 from Togo. He says teaching his culture here is a way of giving back.

“Teaching them the dance… and all this movement I believe it gives them some type of motivation to one day travel themselves and maybe one day go see Africa,” said Adzaku-Adzaku.

Adzaku-adzaku says today is all about…

"It's togetherness… It's the unity… being together… that’s the Kubatana," said Adzaku-Adzaku

Charles Ahovissi plays the drums and hopes his music inspires others. He says he has one message for everyone participating and supporting today.

“Africa is a really really big continent… the second after Asia… and it is rich… so lets go to Africa!”

The events today were hosted by African Culture Connection. The non-profit works to educate the community especially with the growing diversity in Omaha.