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'I have no money, I have no way of replacing anything'

Posted at 5:45 PM, May 21, 2024
  • Video shows Grandridge residents homes, neighbors around the complex, and before and after storm damage.
  • Tracey Dunn and Kenya Tilson, share what they are left with inside their homes after heavy rain last night and early this morning.
  • Residents share the concerns after asking the leasing office for assistance but being told to reach out to their insurance companies.

From the outside, these apartments look slightly damaged from. From the inside, furniture is displaced and homes are ruined. At 99th and Fort residents at Grandridge apartments tell me they have barely anything left.

Tracey Dunn, a resident says at one point she stood on top of her bed frame.

“I was almost on top of the ceiling… there was so much water… we called the rescue squad… we called the police twice,” said Tracey Dunn.

Dunn lead me through her apartment we climbed over chairs tables and broken glass. She says she has nothing left.

“I have no money…I have no way of replacing anything. My son passed away, I don’t even have his birth certificate…I don’t even have a picture of my baby no more… I don’t have nothing… I lost everything,” said Dunn.

Now you can see behind me there's grass and mud, the water was up to this level.

“All my stuff is ruined… everything I worked hard for is all gone,” said Dunn.

Kenya Tilson tells me she reached to her leasing office and government resources like American Red Cross and FEMA.

"To hear that they’re saying… there’s nothing they can do about it kinda hurts because there’s literally nothing.” said Tilson

Tilson’s brother, Terrance Tilson says he came to help his sister and 2-year-old niece. But now he’s helping her neighbors.

"So we’re helping each other out…and that’s what it’s about… its community." said Terrance Tilson.