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'If her murderers walk down that street or drive down the street they're gonna remember what they did to her'

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jul 02, 2024


What may just be a busy street for many is now a street that brings families a sense of hope and acknowledgment when it comes to their murdered loved ones.

The corner of Commercial Avenue and Ames is now being recognized as the Families of the Stolen Avenue. Recognition for a service group whose mission is to support those grieving when a loved one is lost to violence. The founder, Buffy Bush....

"No one was making any noise for my sister anymore… and I knew I couldn't be the only one feeling this way," said Bush.

She says this corner holds many dark memories.

"The street sign… Families of the Stolen Ave… is actually the street my sister was murdered… that street started her sacrifice… which put me on my journey," said Bush.

Bushs' sisters homicide remains a cold case.

"It's not the justice I'd want… no. not that at all. It is a reminder that the fight gonna keep on…if her murderers walk down that street or drive down the street they're gonna remember what they did to her…. they'll know," said Bush.

Bush born and raised in north Omaha says solving homicides takes a community.

"It's a feeling of that you have to go through because you know you have to. Its a feeling.. that I want to hate you all..because you were able to me… who killed my sister but you refused to tell the right people so that our family could get justice," said Bush.

Families are helped by being around others experiencing that kind of loss -- l looked at the homicide rate here in Omaha. From January to May of 2023, four people lost to homicide. This year in the same time period, it's 10.
And going a little deeper, the number of cold cases OPD reports from 1960 until now 340.

"I look over my shoulder all the time.. I wonder… I side-eye… but then I have to breathe and let it go…. And I have to give it to god… and that's what I've been doing for the past 12 years," said Bush.

Bush tells me she hopes for others that aren't aware of Families of the Stolen, that the avenue sign sparks curiosity and hopefully leads to tips when it comes to cold case homicides.