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'It's a celebration of life and love': Woman loses husband 10 minutes after saying 'I do'

Posted at 9:49 AM, Jun 20, 2024
  • Video shows family and friends celebrating the life of Toraz Davis, after he suddenly passed away from a blot clot, moments after saying 'I do' at his wedding.
  • Johnnie Davis, his late wife shares how she manages to push through a year later for herself, his legacy, and their children.
  • Johnnie Davis, shares their dream wedding turn chaotic when her her husband started not to feel well 10 minutes after their wedding. After being picked up from their wedding ceremony from the ambulance, her husband died shortly after due to a blood clot.

From saying 'I do' at the alter to saying goodbye forever in just minutes. One is now marking one year since her husband suddenly passed away after their wedding ceremony.

Davis says her late husband, Toraz Davis was charming, funny and a hard worker.

"It was a dream wedding… it was something… he told me pick whatever you wanna do.. you wanna do. I dressed him, I dressed us. Everything was going fine until we went outside," said Johnnie Davis.

June 19, 2023 Johnnie Davis' happiest day turned dark after her husband for an hour… Toraz Davis died, the result of a blood clot.

"He was there… he went through the whole ceremony… his last words was…'Johnnie Mae…I love you, I'm sorry'..and I said, I love you too… it's okay," said Johnnie Davis.

Wednesday marks one year and Davis now looks to celebrate his life and their wedding vows with their daughter, friend and family.

"I feel good… it's a celebration of life and love…it's our anniversary. It's not a sad day… it's a happy day" said Johnnie Davis.

Toraz's cousin, Tiffani McCowin says his death feels like it just happened yesterday.

"This is not an ordinary situation so… it's just still a shocker…." said McCowin.

McCowin says this experience is a reminder.

"Family is all you got… and you got treasurer and cherish the memories… and moments you get to spend with them," said McCowin.

For Davis, she says although it's been 365 days without the love of her life. Today is all about celebrating life and love through laughter and appreciation.

Despite the heartbreak of a year ago, Davis is pushing forward. She recently opened a business she and Toraz, dreamed of starting.