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Keelin Smith steps in to help his grandfather clean home in Ponca Hills after storms this week

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 27, 2024
  • Video shows Ponca Hills, the Missouri River, flooded NP Dodge Park, and Hummel Park.
  • Bob Walker and his grandson, Keelin Smith are cleaning up his home in Ponca Hills after storms knocked down trees and downed power lines late Tuesday night.
  • 11-year-old Keelin Smith says he wishes he was at a pool today but helping his grandfather is more important to him.
  • Storms Tuesday night forced Hummel Park Day Camp to close due to damage.


11-year-old, Keelin Smith was surprised to see so much damage after Tuesday's storm.

"Woah.. look at all that damage…the power cables down… big log in the driveway… just a mess…" said Smith.

Smith is spending the day helping his grandfather.

"Picking up branches… chopping up wood… just making it nice and neat," said Smith.

Smith says he's use to chopping wood because sometimes he works with his dad who owns a business.

"After the storm it was like a lot but today its like a normal basic," said Smith.

Bob Walker, Smiths grandfather has lived in this home since the 90's. He says he's pretty experienced when it comes to the after math of storms.

"I know I'm getting to old to be going through this so…." said Walker.

On Sunday Walker moved their families camper from Fort Calhoun.

"We were down there in 2019 in the flood and that water was waist-deep so yeah.. we knew to get out," said Walker.

And now flooding is back in the area. This view from the sky shows water taking over near by NP Dodge Park. Bit to the north at Hummel Park, storm debris like trees and branches forced employees to close it today. Canceling the popular Hummel Day Camp for Thursday.

Walker says dealing with natural disasters never gets easier but he manages to get through each and every one of them with support.

"Gotta have them.. friends, family, community…. can't beat them," said Walker.

Bob Walker and his grandson tell me while cleaning up the mess of mother nature is hard work, they know other neighbors around Omaha are dealing with far worse.