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Keep off the lawn: new Omaha ordinance prohibiting parking on lawns passed

The new penalties for drivers will go into effect August 1
Posted at 7:00 PM, Apr 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 13:31:47-04
  • Video shows north and central Omaha.
  • Council member Ron Hug shares the reason behind his approved ordinance to fine people for parking off paved pads.
  • Taylor Gomez, Central Omaha resident says parking on lawns occasionally doesn't bother her, however it does make the neighborhood look less nice.


I'm Melissa Wright in Omaha. Today we're talking about something some of us have an opinion on, parking on the lawn. You might be someone that does it or someone who see's it and hates it. Now the city of Omaha is doing something about it, telling driver to keep their cars on the pavement.

Today the city passed an ordinance 4-3 that would require residents to park registered cars on paved roads.

This has been one of the council member Ron Hug's priorities.

"Eye sores…added to the deterioration of the neighborhood," said council member Ron Hug.

He led the push to establish citations for drivers, $50 plus a court appearance. However there are exceptions when it comes to holidays between certain hours.

"Families have large gatherings large get together and there is definitely we have 12, 15, 16 family members coming over. There is no place to park,” said council member Hug.

We met with Taylor Gomez in Central Omaha. She says, she can see the issue both ways.

“It’s not a good a look… I personally don’t care if it’s just a day or two... I personally wouldn’t mind it for others that need the parking,” said Gomez.

There are opponents here and they are asking why doesn't the city have a conversation with neighborhoods when it comes to the reason why they are actually parking on the lawns. That comes before fining them and citing them.

For Hug, this represents an opportunity to help clean up neighborhoods.

"Emails, phone calls... people repeatedly said, when is the city of Omaha going to do something," said council member Hug.

The council considered a higher fine before settling on $50. This new ordinance goes into effect August 1.

In Omaha, I'm Melissa Wright, you neighborhood reporter.