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'Mother nature is cruel': Northeast Omaha neighbors clean up after Tuesday's storm

Posted at 8:14 AM, Jun 27, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Tuesday night’s storm led to hours of clean up, like cutting up and moving massive off cars and homes. Neighborhood reporter Molly Hudson went to Home Trailer Park and saw the community come together to help their neighbors.

"Mother nature is cruel... and overwhelming," said Melissa Youngblood, vice president of Home Trailer Park.

Youngblood's family owns this mobile home park on North 16th Street.

"It's like everything my great grandparents are building or have built just keeps getting taken away," Youngblood said.

Tuesday's storm hit this park hard, it knocked out power and blew over trees making roads impassable.

This tree is about 60 to 70 years old, it crushed the bed of this truck and landed on the roof of this home.

"Just the amount of damage that it's done is just it's … and to see people upset that just bothers me," Youngblood said.

It's a hard sight to see. She's not just a landlord, she was raised here, and her family has owned this property for generations.

"I thought we were on the upside of being able to get everything fixed, I know that we have a lot of trees in here that are older, that, you know, they were going to end up being a problem ... kind of devastating," Youngblood said.

This is her cousin Rachel Stone’s backyard.

"Part of my maple landed on the house and my massive pine trees went down," Stone said.

She's lived here for 34 years.

"We had tree forts up there when we were kids and everything and now, they are not gone yet but they are gone," Stone said.

Melissa says people showed up in force to clean up.

“We had so many people that came out and helped, the outpouring is just amazing,” Youngblood said.

"We all just kind of come together and I think that's where everywhere and everybody should do is come together and help, because what do you do when it's a tragedy,” Stone said.

Youngblood said the work doesn't stop after this is cleaned up, they plan to have a company come out and get rid of trees that could fall in the next storm.