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'Mother Nature...somebody done made her mad this year': Minne Lusa resident clean neighborhood after storms

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jun 26, 2024
  • Video shows Minne Luisa, fallen trees, damaged homes, cars, and downed power lines.
  • Neighbors in the area come together to support one another through helping clear debris and branches.
  • One resident who recently lost her home to flooding in a different part of Omaha says the unpredictable weather is a constant worry for her. Another resident, that has been in the area for over 20 years says he wants to know who upset Mother Nature this year.


Neighbors are now dealing with fallen trees, damaged fences, homes, cars and even downed power lines. Some neighbors this is yet another a storm hat's causing devastating damage. Neighbors cleaning up and checking their homes for damage after severe storms.

"We're all still pulling together…like you just heard one of my neighbors in the back year…'hey don't walk right there… because of the wires." said Tracey Dunn.

Tracey Dunn, who just moved here after storms in may flooded her apartment in another part of Omaha.

"Scared… it's a scary feeling…. I'm not knowing what's going to happen next with the weather,"said Dunn.

The damage varies by house, some with just a few branches others with trees on roofs and cars.

David Weyrauch has lived here 24 years, this tree from the church next door fell into his yard.

"You know… not a good situation… that's for sure…" said Weyrauch.

Weyrauch says he heard the hail and transformers blowing from inside his home but the biggest damage was silent.

"I did not hear this come down.. I just happened to look outside and it was laying on my deck…."said Weyrauch.

He says this isn't how he expected his summer start off…

"Mother Nature… somebody done made her mad this year… that's for sure," said Weyrauch.

Public works of Omaha tells me neighbors should place branches and debris into black trash bins. If they are unable to fit in those, you must bundle debris and buy yard waste stickers.