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Neighbors come together to find the people responsible for taping and dumping a dog in a dumpster

Posted at 10:19 PM, Apr 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-17 20:37:53-04
  • Video shows Leo and his owner, the dumper Leo was found in and the Humane Society.
  • Steve Glandt, the Vice President of Field Operations at the Humane Society, shares updates to the investigation regarding a dog found duct-taped and thrown in a dumpster.


A dog found and saved after he was duct-taping and thrown in a dumpster. This story has sparked a strong reaction here and across the country. The Humane Society tells me the latest on the investigation to find who did this and how the community can help.

“It’s very difficult for you… from the human aspect. To have to see that have the deal with that. To have to know that there are people out there that would do something like this,” said Glandt.

We told you Monday about Leo. A dog rescued from the dumpster outside of a business. Steve Glandt with the Nebraska Humane Society says they’re now combining efforts with the Douglas county sheriffs to find the people responsible.

“They can do everything from DNA to fingerprints, chemistry things. So they have a lot of resources there at their fingertips,” said Glandt.

Glandt says cases like these are challenging to investigate but they are working with what they have.

“We go with the known things… the evidence. The people at the business, the tips… those are knowns,”

Glandt says the community is also fueling with the investigation donating enough money to offer a $5,000 reward for information that leads authorities to the person who did this to Leo.

“Just an outpouring of support. We’ve had people volunteer to add to the fund for a reward fund… a lot of support," said Glandt.

Animal cruelty and abuse is a crime however unless dog is severely injured or harmed it's not a felony.

“For what we have to work with right now unfortunately the dog wasn't you know injured other than losing some fur….getting a clean cut. So that we're we're kind of limited to know what our options are as far as charges,” said Glandt.

The Humane Society says if you see something, say something; and they ask anyone with information to come forward at Nebraska Humane Society.