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The community comes together for a summit focused on bridging gaps, legacy building, health and wellness

Posted at 11:04 PM, Jun 23, 2024
  • Video shows guest speakers and guest the second annual Redefining the Gap summer at MCC Fort Omaha campus.
  • Brione Johnson, a guest speaker shares her experience when it comes to her weight journey and bettering her health.
  • Nettie Ardis, an attendee went to multiple sessions. She says, the day was all about learning and hearing her neighbors' experiences.

At the MCC Fort campus one committee is providing work shops and summits focusing on legacy building, health and wellness.

The second annual Redefining the Gap Summit featured over 20 sessions with guest speakers.

Brione Johnson spoke to small group about the importance of eating habits.

“I was in denial for a long time…about different symptoms and different thing sin life.. as far as like blood pressure and diabetes…and things of that nature that affect a lot of people in the community," said Johnson.

Johnson says six months ago she had weight loss surgery.

“More self-conscious about the stuff i eat…help me obviously lose a couple pounds along the way…helped me obviously lose a couple pounds along the way…help me get more active…and help me get my life back together,” said Johnson.

While her surgery was success and she's on the path to a healthier lifestyle there are still challenges when it comes to her diet.

“Just dealing with the fact that the mental health that comes with the food habit… because food is an addiction… and you gotta face that.. once you have the surgery," said Johnson.

Nettie Ardis attended multiple sessions at the summit. One that stuck out to her focused on eating habits

“That's another one I dealt with… having weight problems and just having someone else explain their situation…we can all get together… and just share thoughts and feelings," said Ardis.

Ardis says while this is her first time being able to make it to the summit… it was worth the wait.

“It’s just a learning experience for us all," said Ardis.
I’m hoping that they leave with at least one thing… that they can implement in their own lives… to make their life better," said Councilwoman Juanita Johnson.

They even had some sessions geared towards teenagers.

The summit aims to provide tools and resources to under-served communities allowing the community to break generational disparities.