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Underwood Tenant Association provides information about effective communication with OHA

Posted at 5:44 PM, May 29, 2024
  • Video shows Underwood Tower, private inspectors, Douglas County inspectors, and residents outside of the Underwood Tower.
  • Chaunci Calloway, a resident at the Underwood Tower tells me she recently received a code violation stating that her apartment has water damage.
  • The Omaha Housing Authority has until June 20, 2024 to address the issues. According to the city, if OHA does not address the issues by the deadline, they will receive up to two extensions for time to fix the issues.


Residents at the Underwood Tower say they are sick of the living conditions and want to be heard. Residents are meeting and organizing as they continue to ask the Omaha Housing Authority for change.

For months now, Chaunci Calloway has been going back and forth with her landlord. The Omaha Housing Authority, over the condition of her apartment.

She says the Underwood Tower apartment unit has water damage, mold, and other serious issues. And now, an inspection performed by the city of Omaha staff uncovered she's not wrong. It confirmed water damage in the walls, cabinets and the bathroom ceiling. Each instance, a violation and something OHA must address by June 20th.

"I think that's great news… but I haven't heard anything from OHA," said Calloway.

Now as she waits for repairs, Calloway and some of her neighbors are working together as one group to demand OHA address their concerns.

"Just be treated fairly… we are….we deserve fair housing…and you know, equality," said Calloway.

OHA CEO, Joanie Poore, told me she can't comment directly on this case. But in a statement said, "OHA propmptly and thorougly reviews and responds to any notices received." She also added, that in some cases residents are responsible for repairs while others might require an outside contracter.

Residents including Chaunci, plan to meet as a group with an attorney to discuss their rights as tenants.

"Coming together to address the issue that would be huge." said Calloway.

Calloway tells me, she hopes the Omaha Housing Authority addresses the issues inside her apartment. An Omaha city inspector tells me, if repairs are completed by the deadline the case will close. If not, the OHA will receive up to two extensions for time to fix the issues.