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UNMC and Nebraska Medicine host first ever 'Community Baby Shower'

Posted at 2:21 PM, Jun 09, 2024
  • Video shows the community baby shower at UNMC Nebraska Medicine Community Collaborative in north Omaha, mothers receiving resources, speakers, and prizes being raffled.
  • UNMC and Nebraska Medicine hosted their first ever 'Community Baby Shower' with over 60 registered mothers and families showing up for resource,s food, and prizes.
  • Lisa Butler-Walker, one of the event organizers says the event is important for mothers and families of color due to the lack of available resources.


On Saturday UNMC and Nebraska Medicine welcomed over 60 registered mothers to their community baby shower. There was food, raffles, and even information on accessible resources in Omaha.
"The needs of the children, If I need any help or supplies…I can also reach to any programs,” said Joselyn Sanchez.

Joselyn Sanchez is 9 months pregnant and has a baby just over 1-years old. She tells me being able to come out to events like this makes motherhood a little easier.

"I feel like its a wonderful thing they do for us mothers out here.. when we’re like short budget… or we just want to know about new products they provide,” said Sanchez

Sanchez tells me while she didn’t win any prizes today she’s leaving with more knowledge.

“I just found out about doulas...I’ve never heard of these ladies…they provide help to mothers that need support so it was really helpful and knowledgeable coming here,” said Sanchez.

Lisa Butler-Walker at UNMC Nebraska Medicine Community Collaborative says this event is especially important to mothers and families of color who may not easy access to resources.

"So by us being in a purpose built community.. that gives them more access to come and to our facility and get the information they need in reference to their pregnancies and infants births,” said Butler-Walker

Butler-Walker says, Saturdays event demonstrates community support.

"It helps people to help themselves… and that what we’re all about..helping the people." said Butler-Walker.

Organizers tell me they plan on continuing the event.