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Youth Emergency Services: 'Safe Place' a national youth outreach and prevention program

The youth outreach and prevention program focuses on helping youth and young adults identify safe places to go when they are in danger.
Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-20 19:58:47-05
  • Video shows yellow "Safe Place" signs posted at different gas stations in North Omaha.
  • Shernel Green and Dianne Inserra, both residents of Omaha, express the signs are important but wish they were more visible.
  • Kristian Tamayo, Outreach Lead with Youth Emergency Services, emphasizes the importance of signage in designated areas and provides guidance on where to seek immediate and long-term help.


They are easy to miss if you’re not looking but these yellow signs signify safety. One organization is working to keep youth and young adults safe.
Shernel Green, an Omaha resident, considers herself very self aware but did not notice the signs posted outside the gas station.

“I wish they could be a little bit bigger or more noticeable so that women like myself could see them,

Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program that provides people 21 and under immediate help and safety, including food and emergency shelter.

Kristian Tamayo, the Youth Emergency Services, Outreach Lead says, "Anyone that we work is more than welcome to come to our outreach center for long term solutions. But safe place is more about immediate, immediate placement, immediate,"

Quick Trip is the organizations largest partner meaning you can find more than one sign at almost every quick trip.

In North Omaha, Dianne Inserra, an Omaha resident says she’s never noticed the signs.

“I think they’re wonderful. I wish they were maybe more visible, I mean they’re visible but I’ve never noticed them before,"

The organization has signs at select Starbucks, gas stations and Omaha Public Libraries but some residents think other place could be a good idea too.

Inserra says, "A grocery store. I just think of another busy place,”

Youth Emergency Services, says the signs are meant to be discrete.

They are to prompt people in trouble to come inside for safety, shelter, and resources.