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Airmen from Air National Guard deployed to assist law enforcement in Washington County

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 06, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-06 17:34:29-04

BLAIR, Neb (KMTV) — Nearly as fast as the storm debri has piled up, so has help in Washington County.

"It's truly a little bit of a blur in my mind. Obviously the generosity of our community is huge," said Erika Cada with First Lutheran Church.

Inside the First Lutheran Church in Blair this community's care for each other is impossible to miss.

Neighbors brought gifts of food, water and cleaning supplies.

Then with the basics met they transititioned and brought the things we might not think of that make a new place to live feel like home.

"Eventually they will need furniture, and lamps and beds. We had someone come in the other day who said, we went to go to sleep and we didn't have pillows. Just things that you just don't think of," said Cada.

But residents aren't the only ones getting a helping hand.

"They can expect to see National guard airmen and soldiers out manning checkpoints and helping control access to the affected areas to make sure residents can get in and out as they should," said Major Scott Ingalsbe with the National Guard..

On Sunday 31 Airmen with the Air National Guard deployed to Washington County to assist law enforcement in securing the homes destroyed by the tornado.

They will be acting as law enforcement but Ingalsbe says it's still the Washington County Sheriff in control and directing the Guardsmen.

"The national Guard doesn't come in and take over the emergency response. We are here at the request of local authorities and in support of the Washington County sheriff's office," said Ingalsbe.

Whether its caring neighbors from near and far or our neighbors in uniform keeping homes safe Washington County residents like Cada are in awe at the response to the tornado

"It's really powerful. I don't want to speak for the people who suffered damage and lost their home but the amount of love out there is unparalleled. I have never seen an entire group of people support one another with no questions asked. Stepping up when we make the call they say yes im coming," said Cada.