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Four Columbus area sisters are asking for help locating their biological brother

Posted at 2:43 PM, Apr 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-16 16:32:34-04

COLUMBUS, Neb (KMTV) — When sisters Nicole, Amy, Amber, and Shelly were younger they were searching through some of their family things when they come across a picture of a young boy tucked away in a calendar.

They weren’t sure who he was, and their parents weren’t ready to tell them.

“Us being the ages we were, we were way younger. They weren’t really ready to explain the situation to us. So they didn’t really give us any answers,” said Nicole Saalfeld, the oldest sister.

The girls wouldn’t learn more about the boy in the picture until years later, when their father revealed that the young boy was their brother.

“It was about five years after we found the picture and starting asking questions that our dad actually sat us down and told us we have a biological brother out there somewhere. Ever since we found that out we have wanted to find him ever since,” said Amy Soulliere, the second oldest sister.

In the years since learning about their brother the girls have scoured family records, signed up for DNA testing services and have reached out to the adoption agency but have had no luck in tracking their brother down.

Their only lead is the picture from the calendar.

“We know he looks like when he was 18 months old. And on the back of the picture it says Greg, 18 months. We know he was born in August of 1983 but that’s pretty much all we know,” said Amy.

The sisters have kept their search to themselves until this year, when on National Siblings day they reached out to social media to ask for help.

“Meeting him or getting to know him would be closure for all of us and him if he is wondering the same about us. It would mean so much to us to find him,” said Amber Olsufka, the second youngest sister.

Even though they haven’t had much luck in tracking their brother down the sisters aren’t giving up.

They cherish the special bond they have between each other and they hope one day, even after all of these years, they can share that bond with their brother too.

“Becoming one big family. We do a lot together, we are very close and we would love to welcome him with open arms into our family. And start doing things together and have a new normal of adding him into what our lives are,” said Shelly Frauendorfer, the youngest sister.

Any tips or information on where the brother is located can be sent to and will be forwarded to the family.