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Local experts offer tips to help you celebrate a safe holiday season

Posted at 5:02 PM, Dec 19, 2023

FREMONT, Neb (KMTV) — Unfortunately there is a lot that can go wrong when we get ready for or celebrate the holidays.

One common danger comes with the decorations, especially the you have to go up high to put them up or take them down.

“One of the biggest risk factors when it comes to decorating is that ladder. Whether it’s putting up or takings stuff down make sure you have the ladder on solid footing and have someone to hold that ladder still,” said Tracey Rademacher, RN, BSN, CHI Health Good Samaritan.

For kids the most exciting parts of Christmas are the toys that Santa leaves under the tree.

For older kids there isn’t much to worry about but there are many toys that are a choking hazard for young children but there is an easy tool you can use to see if a toy will be a choking hazard and almost everyone has it in their bathrooms at home.

“A simple easy way to do that at home without spending any money would be grab the inside of a toilet paper holder. That round brown cardboard thing that you have, and see if toys fit inside of that,” said Rademacher.

Another thing to watch out for during the hustle and bustle of the holidays…everything hot in your home.

“It’s a good idea to get a 3 foot safe zone around anything that’s hot. Whether it’s your stove and you are taking cookies out, dumping potatoes out of the pot. Also be thinking about fireplaces and wood burning stoves, all these heat sources we have close to our families,” said Rademacher.

Some of the most important advice though is to keep thinking of ways to make your holidays safer. Bad habits are hard to break but breaking them aren’t as bad as a trip to the hospital

“It seems we hear this every year, we have done it this way 1000 times. But we can do it 1000 times that way but it only takes once for it to be a problem,” said Eric Jensen, RN, CHI Health St. Elizabeth.