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Elkhorn residents come together after terrorizing tornado tears through family homes

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-27 20:44:09-04
  • Video shows torn down houses, flipped over cars, neighbors cleaning and volunteers supporting their community.
  • Six-year old, Brecken Powell, Kendra Powell, and Iyal Eswaranp share the moments leading up to tornado ripping their house apart. The residents also explain the feelings behind being supported by neighbors they've never met before.
  • Multiple tornadoes were reported in Nebraska and Iowa on Friday, but the most destructive storm moved from a largely rural area into suburbs northwest of Omaha.


In Elkhorn residents say they've lost everything in their homes but they're grateful to be alive.

"I was super duper scared… I was literally shaking…" said Brecken Powell.

Six-year old, Brecken Powell tells me everything happened so fast.

"We had to go downstairs and then dad told us to immediately go into the room…where it had the paint buckets… and we sat on the paint buckets," said Powell.

Breckens mom, Kenda Powell was on her way home when from work when her kids and husband sheltered in the basement.

"I'll never forget the scream… that I got on the phone call. But knowing that everyone is safe… this is just building. And I need these three… and these three are fine," said Powell.

Powell says after be rerouted and finally making it home.

"I finally saw the damage… it took my breath away… it was immediately just mind numbing…" said Powell.

Just a few houses down Iyal Eswaranp, her husband, their three kids and a friend took shelter once the sirens went off.

"Looking at all the neighbors… we feel so sad… I don't have words to explain this," said Eswaranp.

Eswaranp says while taking shelter.

"We could hear all the shattering glasses and then we could hear some building collapses… but we didn't think it was houses breaking down," said Eswaranp.

But it was when she went outside everything looked different.

"When we came out after the tornado was gone… we could see the sky… there was nothing," said Eswaranp.

Elkhorn residents in the area say not having a home is hard but neighbors are stepping up.

"I'm so grateful for all the help we got today…and everyone is trying to get help and help other," said Eswaranp.

"People we don't even know.. are acting as family… and it's just amazing to be apart of this community," said Powell.