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Traffic impacts tornado cleanup in Elkhorn: 'It's been like a, almost like a parade'

Posted at 10:57 PM, Apr 30, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-30 23:57:25-04

ELKHORN, Neb. (KMTV) — It's shocking to see tornado damage in our neighborhoods. But people showing up, just to get a look, is not helping, instead causing traffic jams and delays.

  • Traffic in the Ramblewood neighborhood over the weekend slowed the cleanup process for homeowners coming in and out.
  • OPD had been limiting the amount of traffic coming in and out.
  • Watch the video to hear directly from homeowners impacted in this neighborhood.

"The traffic jams and everything have been crazy but at the same time there's just so many people coming in and out," said James Wiggins, a Ramblewood neighbor.

James Wiggins has lived in this neighborhood since 2019 and has noticed the amount of people driving through recording.

"It's been like a, almost like a parade in sorts, because there are so many people and so much congestion, just like getting over here,” Wiggins said. “I feel like a lot of it is just ignorance, just thinking, this is crazy, let's go look at it, but for us, who are affected, it hits home."

Amy Bales says the traffic at points was causing significant delays.

"It was really hard because when we as homeowners were trying to take our stuff it was like an hour, hour and a half to get in and out,” Bales said.

But both Amy and James share in their appreciation for all those who have come to help.

"It is the beauty in the tragedy that we are able to pull together and just get through, Nebraska strong is I guess what you could call it,” Wiggins said.

"I just want to say thank you to Elkhorn, amazing, amazing, amazing support they gave us,” Bales said.

OPD said Sunday they aren't closing the neighborhood but they have been limiting the amount of traffic coming in to ensure first responders, people with homes here, and those volunteering can get through.