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Volunteers help residents at the Grandridge apartments sort through valuables and access resources

Posted at 5:15 PM, May 24, 2024
  • Video shows Grandridge apartments, volunteers packing up homes and throwing away damaged property.
  • Kristina Stokes, a resident at the Grandridge apartments shares her concerns leading up finding a new home to live in by the weekend.
  • Volunteers from Omaha Rapid Response and Osaic Wealth Management, assist residents and moving out, throwing away water damaged property and setting up residents with case workers.


The Grandridge there is finally a sense of hope for residents who lost everything due to the storm flooding earlier this week. Volunteers are on the property helping resident save what they can.

"This was my whole life that was in this place. My whole life was here and its like…my whole life is gone," said Kristina Stokes.

Faced with the reality that most of her belonging are gone. Kristina Stokes is navigating an emotional logistical maze.

She's grieving whats lost trying to figure out what insurance will replace.

"You don't have flood insurance…and your not in a flood plain…so there's nothing we can do," said Stokes.

Right now, Stokes 24-year-old son is paying for her hotel while she looks for something permanent.

"They have not offered me another apartment they are saying nothing is available… so I'm looking for a place to live…as of Saturday I'll be out of the hotel and out of a place to live… unless I get an apartment before then," said Stokes.

Thursday help from neighbors arrived. Ken Gruber with the Omaha Rapid Response team and Philip Gallagher with Osaic Wealth Management led a team of volunteers.

"We just wanna come along side them…and just love on them…where they're at…and that's different for everybody you know," said Gruber.

"Comfort in knowing she has people around her to help through this difficult time," said Gallagher.

Stokes says after everything she's experienced this week, shes grateful for her community.

"It shows... people care in Omaha... doesn't matter where you live," said Stokes.

Omaha Rapid Response tells me they hope to clear all affected apartments today and continue to assist over the next 1-3 months until everyone is fully recovered.