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'Everyone should be open minded about it,': Ralston neighbors want city to consider lifting ban on chickens

Posted at 2:13 AM, Apr 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-13 03:13:17-04
  • There’s a movement to try to get Ralston to allow for homeowners to keep chickens on their property. One couple will address the city council to allow them.


Dolan and his wife Samantha Delano are no strangers to animals.

“We’ve always grown up around animals and things like that,” Samantha said. “It’s nothing that scares us by any means.”

The Delanos are also big on sustainability, in their backyard they grow potatoes and have a vegetable garden, things that help build community.

“When we first moved here three years ago, that’s how we met our neighbors,” Dolan said. “We exchanged cucumbers, tomatoes, whatever.”

They see being able to own chickens as the next step.

“I think chickens would be the same thing where you can exchange eggs and provide that sense of community.” Dolan said.

An old shed that currently sits in their backyard is where the Delanos want to put in a chicken coop that would house no more than four.

They said allowing people to keep chickens would generate more of their own food and maybe share some with their neighbors.

The idea didn’t seem to ruffle any feathers for others in Ralston.

“I mean as long as there’s regulations I think it should be fine, just like anything else, Colton Phillips, Ralston resident said. “I think everyone should be open minded about it,”

In fact, the Delanos say they’ve gotten a lot of support from others about asking the city to change their ruling. they hope the city can see the benefits it could provide

“Food is expensive and it’s so much more rewarding when it comes from your backyard,” Dolan said.

The Delano’s will address the Ralston City Council at their May 21st meeting, the said roosters would not be included in the modification.